Oral History News Roundup

‘Man is Language!’

Given that speech and the ability to articulate are major characteristics separating us from animals, there is a lot of truth to this statement.

It can be argued that one of the major differentiating features between the pre-modern world and our own era is when language was supplanted by numbers as a way of defining logic.The problem is that we are less calculating creatures and more so speaking ones.

David Lammy

MP David Lammy


The importance of articulation is not lost, as one of our featured stories of the week highlights. The London Evening Standard reported that MP David Lammy told sixth form students in Hackney how the use of certain words like “innit” and “izzit” were not going to get them a job. Incidentally Hackney Post reporter Patrick Scott broke the story almost a month ahead of the more established publication.

ttg_report_cover_jan_2013The Tamils Speak…In London

David Cameron’s latest mission abroad focused on the plight of the Tamil community of Sri Lanka. The British PM demanded that the island’s President conduct an investigation into crimes against the Tamils.

This was based on accounts from within the community that Mr Cameron came across when visiting the Northern Tamil areas of Sri Lanka. Cameron’s intervention has given the Tamils a platform on the world stage.

Here in London, the Tamil voice has been preserved via the Tamil Generations Project, which has collected and archived the memories and experiences of Sri Lankan Tamils in the UK capital.


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