The Makers of History: Winston Churchill

This week in our series of The Makers of History: Winston Churchill.

When we are doing the noblest work in the world, not only defending our hearths and homes but the cause of freedom in other lands, the question of whether deliverance comes in 1942, 1943 or 1944 falls into its proper place in the grand proportions of human history.

Sure I am that this day – now we are the masters of our fate; that the task which has been set us is not above our strength; that its pangs and toils are not beyond our endurance.

As long as we have faith in our cause and an unconquerable will-power, salvation will not be denied us.

1941, to the US Congress

You can view a selection of Churchill’s greatest speeches here.

This is part of a series on The Makers of History where we look at the best historical speeches. Please let us know via Twitter @ldnoralhistory or by commenting if there’s someone you’d like us to feature.



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