About London Oral History

Our website provides the latest news and updates about oral history. Like to know who are the leading figures in the field? How can you record better interviews? Do you enjoy being part of a growing community? Whether you’re a historian, academic or immigrant, if you’re interested in learning more about oral history, this is the place for you.


Co-Editor Faisal Hanif, @haniff43

Co-Editor Marése O’Sullivan, @MareseMartha

London Oral History is run by Marése O’Sullivan and Faisal Hanif, both currently completing the MA in Newspaper Journalism at City University London. Marése has written for the Observer and Who Do You Think You Are? Magazine among others, while Faisal has been published by the Guardian and The Huffington Post.

We’re particularly interested in London and its relationship with oral history – from its importance to genealogists, to migrants, to researchers. Oral historians are connected by their passion for recording stories that otherwise might not be heard – and we want to help amplify the voices of our past.

So have a read and let us know what you think! Tweet us at @LDNOralHistory or email editors.londonoralhistory@gmail.com.


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